That’s how we are contributing to society during the COVID-19 crisis

We take on projects for our clients and other organizations that need it, with the aim of helping society get through this crisis, supported by technology

Owing to the COVID-19 crisis, everis is helping and collaborating with society, through its professionals’ technological talent and expertise.


DAVID19: technology that unites people in the fight against COVID-19

everis, together with LACChain, a regional programme of the Inter-American Development Bank Group¡s Innovation Laboratory (IDB Lab), has developed the DAVID19 digital platform that will enable each citizen to be a hero when facing the pandemic. This tool, based on blockchain technology, is the first open-source solution in which people can share data about the disease, without exposing their personal information.


ehCOS Remote Health

everis has developed an integrated technological solution that includes self-triage, virtual consultations, and data analysis management. Its main purpose is to reduce the pressure on professionals during the different phases of a pandemic, and it is now being implemented in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Perú.


Training SMEs with

everis – via – a public institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, offers training to SMEs through a portal with contents that will let them do their jobs in the midst of the current situation.