Project Description

DAVID19: technology that unites people in the fight against COVID-19

everis, together with LACChain, a regional programme of the Inter-American Development Bank Group¡s Innovation Laboratory (IDB Lab), has developed the DAVID19 digital platform that will enable each citizen to be a hero when facing the pandemic. This tool, based on blockchain technology, is the first open-source solution in which people can share data about the disease, without exposing their personal information.

In its first phase, this collaborative environment of citizens for citizens (C-to-C), will enable millions of people to play a leading role in fighting the pandemic, enabling them to share their own information securely and anonymously using self-claimed credentials, helping to turn this invisible enemy into a visible one, with the same level of reliability as provided by a citizen macro-survey, thus helping change the course of this health crisis.

More details

LACChain, under the leadership of IDB Lab and together with everis, World Data, IOVLabs, Grupo Sabra and LLYC, has developed this platform to resolve the debate on security versus privacy, promoting both of them at the same time by integrating a reliable, open and decentralized option, which is presented as a multilateral solution to a global problem.

The DAVID19ecosystem is made up of its website (, a native application, which is available on the same page, the various digital wallets and their official social media. There, any interested party can interact and stay informed about the project. There, any interested party can interact and stay informed about the project.

En su segunda fase, In its second phase, DAVID19 proposes a revolution in terms of identity and verification by digital means between companies and citizens (B-to-C).

The natural evolution of mass participation will be that thousands of private companies join the DAVID19 ecosystem to issue more sophisticated credentials, such as permits to return to work, sworn statements, medical certifications, travel permits, or academic qualifications using credentials issued by third parties.