Project Description

Supporting the European Commission to identify COVID-19 medical care providers throughout the world

Generation of a list of providers from world-wide public procurement data that we have through a previous project with the European Commission (Public Procurement Initiative) as well as the TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) open database at a European level.

More details

everis Belgium is working with DG TRADE (responsible for the European Commission’s foreign trade strategy) to create a qualified list of COVID-19 medical supply providers (masks, gloves, respirators, disinfectants).

The Business and Public Sector teams, as well as our partner DEVSTAT, are working on the projects and using the assets of everis ADA (Acquisition Digital Assistant) to facilitate the input of millions of data from TED.

The result is a dashboard with the list, contact data and characteristics of the providers that can be contacted by the European Union to negotiate possible centralized purchases. Due to being public data, the information could also be shared with our national public health partners.